PL Open International 4º

29 maggio - 4 giugno

Sport & Sustainability
Tennis Tournament as a Sustainable Sport:
Event suppliers are sensitive to sustainability (re-think concept)
GALA Dinner
The dinner will bring together entrepreneurs, public figures, and diplomatic officials in an environment to promote movement towards a sustainable future.

In the PL OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT, the realization of the initiative takes place through various means:
Collaboration with sports clubs that share the concept of sustainability.

Save the planet
The PL Open Tennis Tournament will highlight the idea of collaboration to protect the environment and share the idea of sustainability for a better future.

The event will promote the vision of an ethical-social approach to entrepreneurship in various business sectors.

By choosing the slogan "TOGETHER WE SAVE OUR PLANET", PL Open starts a long-term partnership with the business community. The tournament, through various charity initiatives, will draw attention to the fact that the business community is a fundamental component in advancing GREEN technologies and the transition towards Sustainable Development.

As a result, the goal is to achieve, together with a strong synergy with our partners, a strong resonance on the possibility of ensuring a better future for the planet.